Updated Compilation of Easter Prayers

last updated: April 19, 2014 

(I’ll be tinkering with this over the next few days as new resources become available.  Check back again in the next 2 – 3 days for new links and info.)

Here is a compilation of all the Easter Prayers we’ve posted the last few years.  Here’s the link to our Easter Prayer category.

In the second section is a list to other good sites for Easter Prayers around the web.


(oldest entries on top, newest entries last)

Daily Prayers and Reflections for Each Day of the Easter Octave

The readings and the collect for Easter Monday

An Easter Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Collects for Tuesday & Wednesday of Easter Week

An Easter Blessing prayer

A Prayer of Adoration for Easter: Te Deum Laudamus

Easter Prayers: Blind us to All But Christ

An Easter Prayer: dying daily to sin that we may live in the joy of Christ’s resurrection

A Wonderful Daily Prayer for the Easter Season

An Easter Prayer by Brother Roger of Taize: If You Were Not Risen

An Easter Prayer: born anew to a living hope

Collect for the Second Week of Easter

Collects & Prayers for the Third Sunday of Easter

Victor Hoagland: The Thomas in All of Us

St. Gregory the Great’s Easter Prayer

An Easter Prayer by Helen Steiner Rice: May this Easter Grandeur Awaken Faded Flowers of Faith

An Easter Praise Litany from New Zealand

Easter Prayer: Vivify, Justify, Save

St. Hippolytus’ Easter Prayer

A prayer for the Second Sunday of Easter

An Easter proclamation of blessing

An Easter Prayer: May Your Resurrection Power Break Forth

Praying the Pascha Nostrum through the 50 Days of Easter

Easter Prayers: Raise us from the death of sin

“Let Him Easter in Us”

Easter Prayers: Make our hearts to burn within us

Jesus, free me from the quicksand of vain regrets…

A prayer of Exultation for the Ascension

How Shall I Sing That Majesty?

An Easter Thanksgiving Prayer


Here are other recommended sites to find Easter prayers:

All the Easter Vigil Prayers (from Creighton University’s site)

Easter Collects – from Lesser Feasts and Fasts (from liturgies.net)

ChurchYear.Net – Easter Prayers

Creighton University:  Prayers for the Easter Octave

A collection of Anglican Easter Collects (if I recall correctly these are from the New Zealand Prayer Book – I need to verify this…)

Faith & Worship:  Prayers for Easter

Godspace:  Easter Prayers  (I hope to post an updated list of links to Easter resources at Godspace soon)

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