A Compilation of Easter Poems (a work in progress….!)

I have been utterly astounded at the popularity of our Good Friday Poems Compilation during the past week (7000 page views in about 12 days!).  We’ve not historically posted that much poetry here at Lent & Beyond, but as I began seeing many site visitors looking for poetry, I did some searches myself and discovered just how hard it is to find a solid online listing of Christ-honoring poetry – especially compilations of poems for major liturgical seasons and feasts.  I don’t claim to be a poetry expert, but I appreciate good poetry when I find it.  Like music it sometimes helps open my heart to truths of Scripture and truth about God in ways that prose can’t always do.  So… I’ve spent some time in the past few days looking for online poetry anthologies and scouring them for Easter-themed poetry.  I present the poems I’ve discovered below.  Many of them are new to me.  Please consider this a rough draft… I probably will revise and update it over the coming 1 – 2 weeks.  I truly would love comments from those of you who read this post, especially recommendations of poets and poems we’ve missed that should be included.   May these poems help increase in all our hearts the wonder of Christ’s resurrection and deepen our joy in Him.  — Karen B.


1.  Easter Poems previously posted here at L&B

Another Easter Poem by Emergent Kiwi: Tree of Life

An Easter Poem: Resurrection Door Kicker

A Serbian Easter Poem: Christ is Risen and Brings the Joy!

Easter Poem: George Herbert


2. Easter Poems found from various sources online:

(these are currently in very random order, as I found them, and there may be duplicates…)

Easter Day,  By Edmund Spenser (1552?–1599)

Four Sonnets: IV. “Death, be not proud, though some have called thee”  By John Donne (1573–1631)

John Donne:  Easter Day

A Hymn of the Resurrection  By William Drummond (1585–1649)

The Resurrection  By Giles Fletcher (1588?–1623)

Easter By George Herbert (1593–1633)

Easter, George Herbert (from The Temple)

Ralph Vaughn Williams: Five Mystical Songs

 An Easter Hymn  By Thomas Blackburne (1821–1859)

Sir John Browning: Resurrection

Sarah Flower Adams: “The mourners came at break of day

John Mason Neale: “’Tis the Day of Resurrection

Francis Turner Palgrave:  I am the Resurrection and the Life

John Ellerton: “God of the living

John Ellerton:  “Welcome, happy morning!”

Alexander B. Grosart:  The Resurrection

Thomas Kelly:  “The head that once was crowned with thorns

Thomas Kelly:  “Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious

Elizabeth Charles:  “Around a Table, not a Tomb

Frances Elizabeth Cox:  “Jesus lives! no longer now

Sabine Baring-Gould: “On the Resurrection morning

The Day of Resurrection

Holy Sonnets, VII by John Donne

John Donne:  Resurrection, Imperfect

George Herbert:  Easter Wings

George Herbert:  Easter

George Herbert:  Easter Song

Christina Rossetti:  The Descent from the Cross

Christina Rossetti:  It is Finished

Christina Rossetti:  An Easter Carol

John Donne:  Resurrection

Phillip Brooks:  An Easter Carol

Gerard Manley Hopkins Where Springs Not Fail

John Updike:  Seven Stanzas at Easter

Paul Willis – “Rosing from the Dead”

Edmund Spenser – “Sonnet #68”

Nicholas Samaras – “Easter in the Cancer Ward”

Katharine Tynan – “Easter”

Charles G.D. Roberts – “Resurrection”

John Terpstra – “Topographies of Easter”

A.J.M. Smith – “Beside One Dead”

“Galilee, Easter Day” by Luci Shaw

Amy Carmichael: Cross and Garden

Brother Roger of Taize:  If You Were Not Risen

Easter poems by John Keble (not complete)

Gerard Manley Hopkins:  Easter, and Easter Communion

Sonrise, by Kevin Kummer

On Easter: A Poem of Venantius Honorius Clementianus Fortunatus (d. AD 600)

Easter Night, Alice Meynell (1847-1922)

From the Rev’d Patrick Comerford’s 2012 Poems for Easter series:


3.  Additional Easter Poetry Compilations and Resources:

Dont miss also the Eastertide poetry by Teresa Roberts Johnson at Angliverse

Also Emily Polis Gibson’s Easter entries often include poetry

(I will probably compile separate listings of both of these sites and then link those listings here)

Finally, our compilation of Poems for Lent also contains links to various poetry websites where you can find more poems.


Thanks for putting up with the mess…. I’ll try to put this into some more coherent order soon!

6 Responses to A Compilation of Easter Poems (a work in progress….!)

  1. […] Here is a compilation of Easter poems […]

    • John Wright says:

      Thought you might enjoy this one I wrote for Easter

      Forgiveness is the gift you gave, the price you paid in blood.
      Something that we could not do, you did because of love.
      For us there was no other way, to bridge the gap of sin.
      Our heart’s and lives not pure enough ,for we were all condemned

      Thirty-nine stripes upon your back ,you took so we’d be healed.
      The whip they used, stuck in your flesh ,and when they pulled, it pealed.
      Your blood that flowed, from head to toe , and dripping on the sand ,
      You freely gave, to make a way, and break the curse of man.

      They covered your eyes, as not to see, what next they were to do.
      And made a game, out of your pain ,but if they only knew .
      Your beard they pulled, your face they smote, mocking as they yelled.
      Which one of us just hit you, prophecy and tell.

      A crown of thorns they made for you and placed it on your head
      Pushing hard till blood came down. For me that blood was shed.
      For sin passed down, you wore the crown, so I could be redeemed.
      The price you paid that very day ,to make me fully clean

      Spikes they drove through feet and hands, to hang you on a tree.
      Just to breathe ,you had to push on nails drove through your feet.
      Fluids filled your lungs near full, as muscles would contort .
      This pain you bore upon the cross so I might be restored

      For your garments they cast lots, for drink they gave you urine.
      The Holy one, the Lamb of God. did noting to deserve,
      All the things that you went through,yet you did it all for me.
      What type of Love can love that much, to set a captive free.

      You took my sin upon yourself, so I could be made pure.
      And you gave your life upon that tree, so I would not endure,
      All the pain and suffering ,and death that sin does hold.
      You gave it all to set me free and,save my very soul .

      Forgiveness is the Gift you gave, the price you paid in blood.
      Something that I could not do, you did because of love.
      You could have called ten thousand angels to take you from that tree
      But instead you bled and died, to make way for me
      Copyright © 2013 John Wright

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  3. […] A Compilation of Easter Poems (a work in progress….!) […]

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