CCM Classics for Easter – John Michael and Terry Talbot: He is Risen

This is the first post in a short blog series: “CCM Classics for Easter”…  I hope to post at least one CCM Classic each day of the Easter Octave.  My playlist includes artists such as:

The Imperials, Second Chapter of Acts, Keith Green, DeGarmo & Key, Petra, Larnelle Harris & Sandi Patty, Glad, Lamb, Michael & Stormie Omartian, Leslie Phillips, Bob Bennett, Benny Hester, Scott Wesley Brown, Steve Green, Don Francisco, Twila Paris ….

(And for non-CCM fans, don’t worry:  I’ll also be posting some Easter hymns and classical music on the blog as well… I’ve got a LOT of great Easter music! )  It’s going to be a great week of music!  Hallelujah, He is Risen!


Today’s entry is  John Michael & Terry Talbot, singing “He is Risen,”

It’s from their 1983 album No Longer Strangers.

This song is full of wonderful harmonies,  awesome guitar work, and the joy and energy (that makes one want to get out and proclaim the resurrection!), make this one of my Easter favorites.

(If the embedded audio does not display or play, try this link, but please respect copyright and purchase the song if you intend to keep it.)


Here are the lyrics:

Upon the first day of the week, the three women came with the spices to bring

They found the stone rolled back, the tomb empty.

Still at a loss, still out of fright

Two angels appeared, garments dazzling in white

“Why do you search in a tomb for the Living One?”


He’s Risen!

He is not here.

Today is the day salvation’s favored you.

He’s Risen!

He is not here.

Go forth into the world, a new love share  [??? I can’t quite catch this line exactly, sorry]


Remember what Jesus did say unto thee

I will be delivered unto evil men

and crucified, but I will rise again.


Go now and proclaim to the nations

Make disciples of all the world

Go now and proclaim the Kingdom

Every knee will bow…

Baptize in the name of the Father

Baptize in the name of the Son

Baptize in the name of the Spirit

Every knee will bow, every tongue confess

that Jesus Christ is Lord.


(If anyone can find the lyrics, I’d be grateful for the correct words for the last line of the chorus.)


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