CCM Classics for Easter: Benny Hester – To Fill Our Empty Hearts (He Came Out of an Empty Tomb)

April 21, 2014

Another CCM Classic… another Easter Favorite!  (Use this link to catch up on all our  CCM Classics for Easter.)


Tonight:  Benny Hester’s great song To Fill Our Empty Hearts (He Came Out of an Empty Tomb)

It’s from 1985, originally on the album Benny from Here.  It’s available online from Benny Hester’s Personal Best album, from 1988.


(if the embedded audio link is not displaying or playing, use this link, but please respect copyright and purchase the song if you intend to keep it.)



Mary came running
Thinking it was the end
Her hopes lie still and shattered now
Like many others had been
But a stone set to stay
Had been rolled away
And an angel met her and said
“Mary, oh Mary”

He came out of an empty tomb
To fill your empty heart
Mary you’ll see Him soon
He will still bear every scar
He came out of an empty tomb
To fill, to fill our empty hearts

Thomas cannot see
Now his faith is tried
What many have known
He can’t accept
He watched His loved one die
In the fading lights
He cried out one night
His friends shook him and said
“Thomas, oh Thomas,”

He came out of an empty tomb
To fill your empty heart
Thomas you’ll see Him soon
You can feel His very scars
He came out of an empty tomb
To fill, to fill our empty hearts

It’s against the doubt and fear we fight
And I know, I know that
Rising from death He gave us life
And together we can say
“My Lord, my God, we believe”

He came out of an empty tomb
To fill our empty hearts
We will see Him again so soon
He will still bear every scar
He came out of an empty tomb
To fill our empty hearts

He’ll fill your empty heart

Welcome to those visiting from Trevin Wax’s blog looking for Easter Music…

April 21, 2014

Since I’ve been commenting a lot today at Trevin Wax’s blog , I’m hoping some of Trevin’s readers may visit here clicking on the link for our Easter Music category.  If you have come from Trevin’s site, welcome!

I hope to be posting a LOT of Easter music this year throughout the 50 days of the Easter season, so I hope visitors won’t be discouraged that we don’t have loads of Easter music entries (yet!….).  We will soon.

Also, we invite you to also browse our Easter devotionals, quotes and other resources.  You can find the key links in our Easter 2014 welcome page.   Or you can click on our Easter category to find all our most recent Easter posts.

A blessed Easter season to all.  Let’s celebrate the resurrection from now until Pentecost (and beyond…!)

An Easter prayer for those who are “foolish and slow in heart to believe”

April 21, 2014

I appreciated Scotty Smith’s prayer today at Heavenward.  Here’s an excerpt:

… I love how you came alongside of the Emmaus men, for I am so much like them. I’m often a foolish slow-of-heart man, who needs the gospel today as much as the first day I believed it. How I praise you for your tender forbearance, unlimited patience, and grace-full persistence.

As you dealt with my brothers, so deal with me. Continue to reveal yourself as the main character and hero in all the Scriptures. Don’t let me read the writings of Moses without thinking about you, Jesus—especially the law. May Moses’s words always drive me to the riches of your grace; for you have fulfilled the demands of the law for us, and are now fulfilling the beauty of the law in us.

And continue to show me how you are fulfilling everything the prophets have spoken—not just the things concerning your sufferings on the cross and your resurrection from the dead, but also all the promises of your present work, as Redeemer and Restorer.

The full prayer is here.

Easter Resource post at Godspace

April 21, 2014

Apologies, I meant to post this yesterday, but by mistake, I saved it as a draft instead of posting it.

Christine Sine at Godspace has put together a helpful compilation of resources for celebrating Easter. You can find it here.

Remember, Easter is not a one day celebration, but a 50 day season!

Classic Gospel Music for Easter – Jessy Dixon: “Gone”

April 21, 2014

Just WONDERFUL. Gospel great Jessy Dixon singing “Gone.” I just love it when he starts to dance! Guaranteed to help you feel joyful. I believe this video is from one of Bill and Gloria Gaither’s homecoming concerts.

Here are the lyrics:

Mary came to find tomb of Jesus,
the stone was moved, the Lord had gone away,
the angels said “Fear not, the Lord is risen,”
“don’t you seek the living here, among the grave”

Gone, the stone is rolled back,
Gone, the tomb is empty,
Gone, to sit at the Father’s side;
He’s Gone, over death triumphant,
He’s Gone, sin is defeated,
Gone, He lives forevermore.

2. Oh come with me, come and see our risen Savior,
Who still, can turn the dark of death today,
He can calm the storm of doubt, and part the oceans
and he still, can roll your heavy stone, away

He’s not in the grave!
He is alive!
Yes He is!

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