Classic Gospel Music for Easter – Jessy Dixon: “Gone”

Just WONDERFUL. Gospel great Jessy Dixon singing “Gone.” I just love it when he starts to dance! Guaranteed to help you feel joyful. I believe this video is from one of Bill and Gloria Gaither’s homecoming concerts.

Here are the lyrics:

Mary came to find tomb of Jesus,
the stone was moved, the Lord had gone away,
the angels said “Fear not, the Lord is risen,”
“don’t you seek the living here, among the grave”

Gone, the stone is rolled back,
Gone, the tomb is empty,
Gone, to sit at the Father’s side;
He’s Gone, over death triumphant,
He’s Gone, sin is defeated,
Gone, He lives forevermore.

2. Oh come with me, come and see our risen Savior,
Who still, can turn the dark of death today,
He can calm the storm of doubt, and part the oceans
and he still, can roll your heavy stone, away

He’s not in the grave!
He is alive!
Yes He is!


2 Responses to Classic Gospel Music for Easter – Jessy Dixon: “Gone”

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