Welcome to those visiting from Trevin Wax’s blog looking for Easter Music…

Since I’ve been commenting a lot today at Trevin Wax’s blog , I’m hoping some of Trevin’s readers may visit here clicking on the link for our Easter Music category.  If you have come from Trevin’s site, welcome!

I hope to be posting a LOT of Easter music this year throughout the 50 days of the Easter season, so I hope visitors won’t be discouraged that we don’t have loads of Easter music entries (yet!….).  We will soon.

Also, we invite you to also browse our Easter devotionals, quotes and other resources.  You can find the key links in our Easter 2014 welcome page.   Or you can click on our Easter category to find all our most recent Easter posts.

A blessed Easter season to all.  Let’s celebrate the resurrection from now until Pentecost (and beyond…!)


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