Easter Music – A wonderful African Lutheran hymn: Christ Has Arisen, Alleluia (Mfurahini, Haleluya)

Another Easter hymn this morning…. I’ll return to posting some CCM and contemporary worship this evening, I hope.  Somehow this feels like a hymn morning again!

Yesterday I posted a hymn classic.  Today I’m posting a modern, but wonderful, hymn that I’ve just discovered this year.  It is a Tanzanian Lutheran hymn, originally in Swahili, Christ has Arisen, Alleluia!  You can find the background the the hymn and the Swahili lyrics here.

First, here’s a YouTube  with a Tanzanian choir singing the Swahili version.  The choir is the Azania Front Lutheran Cathedral Choir – Kwaya Kuu – from Dar Es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania in East Africa.  You can find out more about the choir and their music here.

Then below, I’ve uploaded the English version I bought on iTunes last week.  Guaranteed to help you keep the Easter joy!

Now for the English version:  it’s from the album Hymns for All Saints:  Lent, Easter and Pentecost, by Concordia Publishing, 2006.

(Should the embedded audio not display, or play, use this link, but please respect copyright and purchase the song if you intend to keep it.)

Christ has arisen, alleluia.
Rejoice and praise Him, alleluia.
For our Redeemer burst from the tomb,
Even from death, dispelling its gloom.

Refrain: Let us sing praise to Him with endless joy;
Death’s fearful sting He has come to destroy.
Our sin forgiving, alleluia!
Jesus is living, alleluia!

For three long days the grave did its worst
Until its strength by God was dispersed.
He who gives life did death undergo;
And in its conquest His might did show. Refrain

The angel said to them, “Do not fear!
You look for Jesus who is not here.
See for yourselves the tomb is all bare;
Only the grave cloths are lying there.” Refrain

“Go spread the news: He’s not in the grave;
He has arisen this world to save.
Jesus’ redeeming labors are done;
Even the battle with sin is won.” Refrain

Christ has arisen; He sets us free;
Alleluia, to Him praises be.
Jesus is living! Let us all sing;
He reigns triumphant, heavenly King. Refrain

Text: Bernard Kyamanywa,; tr. Howard S. Olson
Tune: Tanzanian



I’ve found another video at YouTube featuring a live version of this hymn being sung by a choir in an Anglican parish in Canada:  St Pauls Rothesay, New Brunswick Canada

Also, there’s a wonderful handbell arrangement for purchase, and you can hear the MP3 (look for the link “long sample”)

Ok, one more update, I found a fantastic choral arrangement of this hymn by John A, Behnke, available from Northwestern Publishing House  It’s TRULY excellent, and you can listen to a high quality 4 minute sample of the recording by clicking on the “Audio Sample” link.

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