Psalm 85:7-10 The Voice (VOICE)

7 O Eternal One, show us Your unfailing love;
give us what we truly need: Your salvation.

Thank You for the gift of Your Son Jesus.
8 I will hear what the True God—the Eternal—will say,
for He will speak peace over His people,
peace over those who faithfully follow Him, [but do not let them abuse His gift and return to foolish ways].

Speak peace–shalom–over Your people who suffer from autism spectrum disorder, especially _________.
9 Without a doubt, His salvation is near for those who revere Him
so that He will be with us again and all His glory will fill this land.

Through the church, make known Your infinite and boundless wisdom to all rulers and authorities in heavenly realms. (Eph 3:10)
10 Unfailing love and truth have met on their way;
righteousness and peace have kissed one another.

Make known Your unfailing love, Your truth, Your righteousness, and Your peace (shalom) in ________.


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