Lord God,

You came to Gideon hiding from the Midianites by a winepress, and You gave him a new name—“O Mighty Man of Valor.” We ask You to come now to the sufferers of autism and their families and give them a name of courage.

You told Gideon to throw down the altar of Baal and build an altar to You in its place. Reveal to them the altars in their hearts that You would have them throw down that You may be honored in their lives.

You revealed to Gideon what You would have him do, how You would have him do it, and when You would have him do it. Open their eyes and ears that they may discern Your will. Yield their hearts to obey You.

Just as the barley loaf knocked down the tent of the Midianites, we call out for Jesus, the Bread of Life, to knock down the bronze gates and cut apart the iron bars of autism.

You gave Gideon a miraculous victory in the valley of Moreh. Using only trumpets and pitchers, his small band completely routed the Midianites. We pray for the establishment of Your kingdom within the bodies, minds, and spirits of autism patients, especially _____. We say, “The sword of the Lord shall slay the enemies of God encamped around His people.”

Gideon pursued the Midianites from the valley of Moreh to Bethshittah to Tabbath to Bethbarah to Succoth to Penuel to Karkor. Empower the autistics and their families, Lord, to persevere in this protracted, drawn-out battle. Give them the courage to pursue all that oppresses Your children. May they proceed in the confidence You are with them each step of the way. May they build an altar in their hearts and name it Jehovah-shalom, “The Lord is peace.” Amen.

Judges 6:1-8:21


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