2 Kings 15:32-35 (AMP)
In the second year of Pekah son of Remaliah king of Israel, Jotham son of Uzziah king of Judah became king. . . . His mother was Jerusha daughter of Zadok. He did right in the Lord’s sight, according to all his father Uzziah had done. . . . He built the Upper Gate of the house of the Lord.

Jotham-Jehovah is upright
Uzziah-Yahweh is my strength
Jerusha-possession, or possessed; i.e., “by a husband”

According to Josephus, the upper gate was built on “the Ophel,” a ridge lying between the Kidron and Tyropean valleys.

Tyropoeon Valley is the name given by Josephus the historian (Wars 5.140) to the valley or rugged ravine, in the Old City of Jerusalem, which in ancient times separated Mount Moriah from Mount Zion and emptied into the valley of Hinnom. The Tyropoeon was spanned by bridges, the most noted of which was Zion Bridge, which was probably the ordinary means of communication between the royal palace on Mount Zion and the temple. The western wall of the Temple Mount rose up from the bottom of this valley to the height of 84 feet, where it was on a level with the area, and above this, and as a continuance of it, the wall of Solomon’s cloister rose to the height of about 50 feet, “so that this section of the wall would originally present to view a stupendous mass of masonry scarcely to be surpassed by any mural masonry in the world.” (Wikipedia)

King Jesus, let our prayers for _____ be a bridge for Your entry into her mind, body, and spirit.
Oh, Carpenter of Nazareth, build a wall of unsurpassing masonry, a mural of salvation, around her mind, body, and spirit.
Christ Jesus, we claim Your precious spilled blood over the upper gate into her mind. Amen.


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