Ebola prayer collection–EXPANDED

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God is far more interested in compassionate hearts than exquisite words. Please leave links to other Ebola prayers or write your own prayer in the comments. This collection will remain at the top of the page for a season.
Thank you for serving your brothers and sisters.–JW

Lent & Beyond graph
October 10, 2014

#PraytoendEbola campaign
10 favorite tweets
Quotes on prayer
SIM press release
Liberia’s chief medical officer
For west Africa
Guardian article prayer list
14 key leaders
Church leaders in west Africa
Day 1–For God’s intervention
Day 2–For God’s intervention and health care workers
Grieving families
Hold tight to God
Day 3 Pray for grieving families
10 ways Christians can pray
Day 4 Pray for Pastors
Decrease in cases in the Lofa district
Day 5 Pray for government officials
Bishop Guernsey call for prayer
Day 6 Nightmare of Ebola
Day 7 Those who don’t know Jesus

Various online Christian prayers
prayercentral–a great prayer, includes a good list of pertinent scriptures
–A good list of prayer points and scriptures from Prayer for Africa
Daring Lutheran has a prayer from Johann Gerhard at the end of an exhortation to pray.
–A list of prayer points from Tearfund
Pastor Wole Oladiyun shares 35 prayer points and scriptures
Anti Ebola Prayers has several prayers, one of which is the preceding prayer.
–Two prayers for west Africa at Us., formerly the USPG.
Belize Prayer Network
–An excerpt of a lovely prayer in this article from Abilene Christian University
Prayers for Special Help
Hot Prayer Zones
–A poignant prayer for healing and a vaccine at Gifts in Open Hands
Praying the News
The Wesleyan Church has a prayer list.
Tearfund powerpoint presentation
Christian and Missionary Alliance 16 prayer points
Caritas in Guinea
Knoxpriest–For the weary and burdened
North American Mission Board–For health care workers

Lent & Beyond prayers in chronological order
Charles Wesley hymn
Thanksgiving for advances
Psalm 103
In Your tenderness
Portals of Nigeria
Arms of flesh
Peaceable habitation
Lift up a standard
Like the Gennesarites
The little foxes
Break its teeth
King Hezekiah’s tunnel
Spirit of praise
Wing of protection
A banner raised
Towering rock
Daniel 2:47
Broken masts and useless tackle
Ears to hear
Bruised reed
The supremacy of Christ
Perfect reconciliation
King of all nations
Witty inventions
News updates October 14
Jeremiah 14:19-22
Health care workers
Be merciful
Psalm 85:9-11
Psalm 88
Remarkable secrets

Prayers for a Sorry Mess
This collection of prayers was written in the autumn of 2003 and published in 2004 in the context of a very different crisis, but it is nonetheless applicable.

5 Responses to Ebola prayer collection–EXPANDED

  1. Jill, thanks for all you’ve done to post prayers for the Ebola crisis. I hope others will share what God puts on their hearts to pray, or prayers they find from other sources. I hope within the next day or two that I can soon join you in adding prayers here for this crisis.

    Tonight I’m praying the words of Psalm 62 and praying that all who know Jesus, who are in the midst of this crisis would find rest in Him, find Him to be a Rock they can stand on, a refuge in a time of calamity:

    5 Yes, my soul, find rest in God;
    my hope comes from him.
    6 Truly he is my rock and my salvation;
    he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.
    7 My salvation and my honor depend on God;
    he is my mighty rock, my refuge.
    8 Trust in him at all times, you people;
    pour out your hearts to him,
    for God is our refuge.

    Amen. He IS our ONLY refuge.

    – Karen B.

  2. Jill, I forget if we’ve already posted the prayers posted by USPG. There are two good prayers here:


    Prayers for West Africa:

    God of our anguish, we cry to you
    For all who wrestle with Ebola.
    Grant we pray, peace to the afraid,
    Your welcome to the dying and
    Your comfort to those living with loss.
    And, merciful Father,
    bless those many loving hands
    That bravely offer care and hope.

    By the Revd Canon Edgar Ruddock, Us (formerly USPG)

    God of healing,
    whose Son healed those who were brought to him.
    Hear our prayer for the peoples of West Africa
    suffering from the Ebola outbreak.
    Inspire and enable your church
    to be a source of healing, comfort and hope to those affected,
    and an agent for the education
    and equipping of communities
    to stop the spread of this disease.
    For the sake of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    By the Revd Tim Harford, Us (formerly USPG)

    – Karen

  3. World Vision has some prayer points posted here:

    Suggested prayer points
    Pray for those suffering from Ebola and for their family and friends.

    There is no known cure for Ebola, but people who are diagnosed and seek skilled medical treatment early have a chance to recover.

    Dear Lord, You healed bodies, minds, and spirits during your ministry. We ask Your healing power to be manifest to the girls and boys, women and men whose lives are threatened by the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. May they receive the treatment they need for their bodies to fight the infection. May they know the comfort and assurance of Your presence. May those who grieve the loss of loved ones find their hope in You.
    Pray for people living in fear of Ebola.

    Ignorance and fear lead people to avoid medical facilities, increasing the risk of spreading the disease through contact.

    Heavenly Father, bring hope and clarity of mind to those who might not seek treatment for themselves or their loved ones because of fear.

    You, whose “prefect love drives out fear … ” (1 John 4:18), embrace Your children whose lives are threatened by Ebola. May they heed Your message from Isaiah 41:10: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
    Pray for all who work to care for the sick and cure Ebola.

    Medical staff, family caretakers, nongovernmental organizations, and public health researchers around the world strive to contain the outbreak and save lives. World Vision staff in West Africa are working with government and community authorities, including religious leaders, to spread accurate information about Ebola and what to do about it.

    In Your mercy, Lord, inspire and enable all those who labor to end the spread of Ebola. May their actions bear fruit in healthy lives and communities. We ask for your wisdom to fall on those who seek a cure for the disease. Protect caregivers from contracting the virus themselves.

  4. Jill, here are a few more prayers / Ebola Prayer resources I’ve discovered online today:

    A very nice prayer from Caritas in Guinea:

    A prayer for US Soldiers as they head to W. Africa to fight Ebola

    Facebook page of SIM in Liberia has some updates on how to pray for its doctors and other personnel:

    Christian & Missionary Alliance prayer page has some good prayer points for both Ebola and Middle East:

    Even better, I’ve just discovered CMA has put together a list of 16 daily prayer points for the period of October 11 – 26:

    – Karen

  5. Jill, here is another good Ebola prayer I’ve discovered today as I had a bunch of free time and did some googling…

    It’s possible you may have already found and linked this.

    A prayer litany from the United Methodist Church:

    Here’s an excerpt:

    Today, O God, we especially lift up to you our brothers and sisters in Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone—for all those who live with the threat of the Ebola virus.

    God of Life and Love everlasting, hear our cries for mercy, comfort, and help.

    Gracious God, we call you the Great Physician.
    We pray your healing power to touch those bodies that now shake with fever, ache with pain, and are too weak to sustain the demands of life.

    God of Life and Love everlasting, hear our cries for mercy, comfort, and help.

    Gracious God, we know you are a Mighty God.

    Grant access to medical care for the most vulnerable in West Africa.
    Protect doctors and nurses who kneel at the bedsides of the sick and the dying.
    Provide resources in places of lack. Guide churches and church leaders.
    Empower all who work tirelessly to be Christ’s hands and feet.

    God of Life and Love everlasting, hear our cries for mercy, comfort, and help.

    Gracious God, we believe you are Hope to the hopeless. Hold parents who’ve lost children.
    Gently father and mother children who’ve lost their parents.
    Make your presence known to those who are dying alone, in the streets, in wastelands, without friends or family.
    Speak tenderly to all who feel abandoned by the world’s governments and systems of power.
    Give strength to our friends in West Africa who feel that “life more abundantly” is an unfulfilled promise.

    God of Life and Love everlasting, hear our cries for mercy, comfort, and help.

    Gracious God, we know you are the Light overcoming darkness.
    Why should we be afraid?
    Help us, O God, to trust in your unchanging nature in times of uncertainty.
    Grant us peace that Ebola or anything in this life that would threaten to undo us, is not impossible for you.
    Hear our prayer.

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