10 Ways Christians can Pray to Stop Ebola (#PraytoendEbola)

Today while browsing Twitter looking for Tweets related to Ebola and prayer, I came across a blog post by an intercessor named Lee Ann Rubsam entitled What Christians can do to stop Ebola.  The answer: pray, of course!

Here are Lee Ann’s first five prayer points:

(Note: I have never visited Lee Ann’s site before today and haven’t clicked on all the links she includes, so, I can’t guarantee all she writes is sound, but I like her attitude of faith and her boldness in prayer, and her commitment to call intercessors to pray & fast.  I *KNOW* God works miracles, and I too believe we need to fast & pray on a much larger scale about this crisis.)

Today, now that Ebola in the U. S. has become a reality, I would like to follow up with a few more thoughts about how to go about stopping this plague from running rampant — through prayer. Here are some specific steps that all praying Christians can take:

  1. Know that, biblically, God has given us authority to receive answers to prayer. That is what prayer is for. I have for you two links to specific Scripture verses which promise that He will answer us: Our God Is a Listening God and The LORD Answers My Prayers (both at my website).
  2. Understand that we have biblical precedence to intercede  for plagues to be stopped and to receive God’s intervention.  Moses and Aaron did this in Numbers 16:42-50, when plague had entered the Israelite camp.
  3. Have faith, not fear. This is a time to watch over our words carefully, and to speak what is in alignment with the desires of God. For me personally, I understand from the Ebola dream I had that it is God’s will to stop this disease from spreading if His people will partner with Him by taking authority against it in prayer. So I will speak in oneness with the revelation I believe He has given to me, and not wring my hands in fear.
  4. Begin now to pray and fast — and stay at it. The sooner we get started, the sooner we may see our answer. I cannot promise you that it will not get worse before it gets better. Ideally, we want to see this nipped in the bud, but whatever happens and however long it takes, we must persist in prayer until we see results. Stay at it!
  5. Spread the word to other intercessors. The more people who pray, the more we can expect a speedy answer. Leviticus 26: 8 tells us, “And five of you shall chase a hundred, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight: and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword.”

The rest of the entry is here.


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