Pray for Muslims during Eid Al Adha / Muslim Neighbors Need Jesus

This weekend is the biggest Muslim holiday of the year, the Eid al Adha, the feast of the sacrifice when Muslims remember Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son.  (The feast also celebrates the conclusion of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca.) The exact dates of the feast may vary a bit by country as it depends on the sighting of the moon.  But in many countries the holiday will be celebrated on Sunday and Monday.

Yet tragically, Muslims do not know, understand or believe the full significance of that story of Abraham’s sacrifice, that it foreshadowed the Father’s perfect sacrifice of His Son Jesus for our redemption.

Please pray for Muslims in the coming days, that God would grant them revelation of Christ’s sacrifice and many would believe on Him.   And if you have Muslim friends, colleagues, neighbors, PLEASE consider visiting them and wishing them a good holiday, and letting them know you too rejoice in Abraham’s obedience to God and willingness to sacrifice his son, while praying for an opportunity to share about God’s perfect sacrifice…

Here are two prayer resources you can use in praying for Muslims around the world as they participate in the Hajj.  The Father knows those who truly fear Him and who are seeking Him.  May He open their eyes and hearts to His truth.

PrayerCastPray for Hajj video  #Pray4Hajj prayer campaign

Christar:  10 Ways to Pray for Muslims During the Hajj


Also, I wanted to point people to a great and challenging short article at Christianity Today by Ed Stetzer:  Loving Muslims Enough to Reach Out.  Here’s an excerpt:

Muslims Neighbors Need Jesus Right Here

So, as we increasingly encounter Muslims in the West, and in other parts of the world, we meet a free people who have chosen Islam, either to continue in the faith or as new converts.

Islam is not ISIS and, where we live, Muslims are Muslims by choice—and they continue to be Muslims by choice.
You cannot hate a people and reach a people at the same time

So, I get the geopolitical issues. But, that’s not all there is. There are evangelism issues to consider.

And we cannot let the geopolitical realities undermine the gospel commands.

So, now the question becomes with resurgent Islam: Are we as eager to build bridges to reach Muslims as we are to build walls to protect ourselves from them?

Our Muslim neighbors need Jesus right here.

Please read the full article, and pray that we as the Body of Christ would grow in our love for Muslims and effectiveness in reaching out to them with the saving love of Jesus Christ.


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