How to Pray for Health Care Workers

I found this helpful list of ideas about how to pray for health care workers while browsing around the prayer resources page on the NAMB website:


How to pray for health care workers:

  • Pray for them to have discernment for correct diagnosis and to look to God for His wisdom. (See Jer. 33:3; Jas. 1:5.)
  • Pray for compassionate hearts toward the hurting and for patience in dealing with the never ending needs of people. (See Luke 7:13, 10:33.)
  • Pray for a strong work ethic to do their best as unto the Lord. (See Col. 3:23-24.)
  • Pray for rest and relaxation from their work so they can stay fresh and alert when on duty. (See Mark 6:30-31.)


Very helpful as we pray for all the health workers who are on the frontlines of the Ebola Crisis.  Please do continue to pray for the Lord to protect health workers against infection with Ebola, and for the provision of adequate protective equipment for them.  Sadly, I’ve read that a huge shipment of needed materials for Sierra Leone is blocked in port…


One Response to How to Pray for Health Care Workers

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