Fantastic list of 16 Daily Ebola Prayer Points

The Christian and Missionary Alliance website has a fantastic list of Ebola prayer points I just discovered.  16 in all.  How about praying 1 a day for the next 2 weeks (and 2 on Sundays!)


The original entry is here.

As the number of people infected by the Ebola virus increases in Africa, Alliance workers are there—providing preventative education as well as spiritual guidance. But they need your prayers! CAMA worker Stephen Albright, who serves at Hope Clinic in Guinea, submitted the following prayer guide (compiled by Women of Hope International) to assist in specific intercession for this humanitarian crisis. “The Ebola situation is continuously on our hearts and minds,” says Stephen. “Please join us in praying for a stop to this virus.”

  • Saturday, October 11: Pray for safety for relief workers who are trying to help others and that they won’t be targets of violence and theft.

  • Sunday, October 12: Pray for wisdom, discernment, and integrity for the leaders of the affected nations as they make decisions that will impact millions of lives.

  • Monday, October 13 : Pray for the international community to respond not with fear but with compassion, urgency, and perseverance, assisting those in need.

  • Tuesday, October 14: Pray for the safety and wisdom for community health educators who are working to dispel the lies surrounding Ebola.

  • Wednesday, October 15: Pray for provision and care for women and children who now are widows and orphans because of Ebola. Often, they are ostracized and rejected by remaining family members.

  • Thursday, October 16: Pray for physical and emotional protection for health care workers treating Ebola patients.

  • Friday, October 17: Pray for comfort and a deep sense of God’s love for those in isolation and under quarantine.

  • Saturday, October 18: Pray for the Lord’s comfort for family members who have lost loved ones to the virus but have been unable to say goodbye or hold funeral ceremonies for their family members.

  • Sunday, October 19: Pray for wisdom and revelation for the scientists who are working to find a vaccine and cure for Ebola. Pray that safe, effective solutions will be found soon.

  • Monday, October 20: Pray for adequate food supplies for quarantined people.

  • Tuesday, October 21: Pray for additional aid workers and agencies to answer the call for assistance in the affected areas.

  • Wednesday, October 22: Pray for the power of fear to be broken globally and for people around the world to respond properly to people from these affected areas and to victims of the virus.

  • Thursday, October 23: Pray for protection and emotional support for the teams who collect bodies and bury them. Pray they will have increased sensitivity to the needs and concerns of family members when responding to a call.

  • Friday, October 24: Pray that communities will willingly assist in reintegration of people who have recovered from the virus, welcoming them with open arms.

  • Saturday, October 25: Pray for God’s peace and comfort for the families of foreign humanitarian aid workers and medical professionals while their loved ones serve in high-risk areas.

  • Sunday, October 26: Pray that people in crisis would be open their hearts to the gospel and turn to Christ.


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