An Excellent Ebola prayer resource from Tearfund

Ebola prayer - tearfund

Lord Jesus, you who healed the sick,

we ask you to raise up people struck down by Ebola,

and stop this deadly virus from causing more suffering and death. Amen.

Tearfund , an Evangelical relief and development organization, has put together an excellent powerpoint presentation: Prayers for Communities Affected by Ebola

It’s an 8 page presentation with a prayer litany and excellent pictures.   HIGHLY recommended for use by prayer groups, congregations, families.

There is also a prayer update written on October 17th at Tearfund’s website.


Credits:  the photo and the prayer at the top of this entry come from the Tearfund presentation. We trust it’s ok to share them in order to promote this great resource!


One Response to An Excellent Ebola prayer resource from Tearfund

  1. […] Various online Christian prayers –prayercentral–a great prayer, includes a good list of pertinent scriptures –A good list of prayer points and scriptures from Prayer for Africa –Prayersfire –Daring Lutheran has a prayer from Johann Gerhard at the end of an exhortation to pray. –A list of prayer points from Tearfund –Pastor Wole Oladiyun shares 35 prayer points and scriptures –Anti Ebola Prayers has several prayers, one of which is the preceding prayer. –Two prayers for west Africa at Us., formerly the USPG. –Belize Prayer Network –An excerpt of a lovely prayer in this article from Abilene Christian University –Prayers for Special Help –Hot Prayer Zones –A poignant prayer for healing and a vaccine at Gifts in Open Hands –Praying the News –The Wesleyan Church has a prayer list. Tearfund powerpoint presentation […]

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