Ebola prayer–Flint and fire

Creator God,
You divided the waters above the firmament from the waters under the firmament. You defined the boundaries of land and water. You divided light from darkness.
You have given an instructed tongue to Your apostles, prophets, evangelists, counselors, and intercessors.  Open the ears of the intercessors. Waken them morning by morning to listen like one being taught. Guard them in righteousness.
As they set their faces like flint against Ebola hemorrhagic fever, do not put them to shame. You are the divine spark, and they are the flint. Ignite Your passion within their hearts to battle this plague.
Your intercessors wait for You. You are a God of justice. Rise, be gracious, and show them compassion. We call out for help against this disease.
Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea have eaten the bread of adversity and drunk the water of affliction.  Your tongue, O God, is a consuming fire. Reduce to ashes the idols, curses, and lies that bind Your children in west Africa. Dismantle this virus and rescue them.  Amen.
Isaiah 30:18-27, 50:2-7

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