Advent Index: 2008

November 2014: We’ll be working this year on creating a comprehensive index of all the most significant Advent entries we’ve posted since we first began blogging in 2004.   We posted extensively during  5 of the last 10 Advent seasons:

  • Advent 2004, Advent 2005 and Advent 2006 (these three years were at our old blogsite),
  • Advent 2008, and
  • Advent 2013. 

(Little was posted during Advent in 2007, and 2009 – 2012.) 

To aid in compiling our complete Lent & Beyond Advent index, I needed to compile an index for 2008, one of our biggest years of Advent blogging (60+ Advent entries). 

Most notable among our Advent 2008 blog entries was the Advent Favorites series, and a number of posts offering round ups of links about celebrating Advent as a family (Jesse Trees, homemade Advent Calendars, Advent Chains, Advent Wreaths).

Note there is some overlap of posts among the various categories listed below.  For the most part, entries are listed in chronological order (most recent first) by category, NOT in order of importance or popularity.


L&B Originals – Advent Devotionals:


L&B Resource and Link Compilations:


Advent Devotionals


Advent: Family & Children


Advent Favorites


Advent Prayers


Advent Quotes


Advent Resources

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