Advent for the 21st Century – Good Advent Apps?!?!

Ok, I confess… I do NOT have a smart phone, nor an ipad, nor a tablet of any kind.   I have a laptop running Windows 7, a Kindle… and a dumb cell phone… that’s about it for my mobile technology.  So, I’m not really your go-to-girl for Apps.

But I did discover a Musical Advent Calendar app that looked quite promising.

*** A new day, a new piece of classical music – FREE! ****
Naxos’s new musical app for Advent features 25 complete tracks behind numbered doors. Each day, a new door is ‘unlocked’ to reveal a new piece of seasonal music from Naxos’s classical music catalogue.

=>  Can any of our more tech-savvy readers suggest any good Advent apps?  There must be some out there!


P.S. And yes… just merely typing Advent and Apps in the same sentence sets my teeth on edge a bit!  In my mind, Advent is a time for slowing down and disconnecting from our gadgets for awhile.  My favorite Advent “technology” includes candles, matches, evergreen boughs, and a CD player, and a printed Bible.  But of course, the very fact that I’m blogging about Advent means that I recognize that technology *can* be a great blessing.  I’m incredibly thankful for the wealth of wonderful Advent resources the internet has opened up to us all.  So, I know that Advent apps can and will be a blessing to some.  But please don’t mind me if I try to encourage myself and us all to step back from our reliance on technology a bit during Advent!


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