Anglican Heritage: Charles Simeon – an excellent series of blog entries at TitusOneNine

Today is the feast day commemorating Charles Simeon (1759 – 1836), and our friend and Anglican blogger extraordinaire, the Rev. Kendall Harmon, has an excellent series of posts today at TitusOneNine. (Anglican blogging lesson 101:  When Kendall posts 6 entries on a topic:  PAY ATTENTION!!!  LOL!)

Here’s an excerpt from that final entry, which I’m thinking sums up why Kendall believes Charles Simeon is important for us to reflect on today:

In closing, permit me to highlight three areas of Simeon’s ministry which have greatly challenged me in my reflections and which, if we were to follow them, would have the potential to rejuvenate our ministry.

1 Giving priority to an effective devotional lifestyle, with a commitment to spending ‘quality’ time in Bible study and prayer.

2 A commitment to living a holy life, recognizing the need of the renewing and cleansing power of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives.

3 That, along with Simeon, our understanding of the purpose of our preaching would be: ‘Sir, we would see Jesus’ (John 12:21).


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