“Prayer in the Facebook Age”

I strongly urge all our readers to read and reflect on this article.  I know that as much as I enjoy seasons of blogging at L&B, and have been finding Twitter helpful for identifying new resources and important prayer requests, they DO make it hard to really enjoy solitude with the Lord and have a quiet heart to listen to Him through His Word.

H/T to Pat Dague who posted this at Transfigurations.

These sections of the article rang true for me:

First Things: Prayer in the Facebook Age

Too often the world draws you away from him, and so you must slough off your circumstances and address him by yourself, oriented toward nothing else, no outside distractions or commitments. The first commandment is, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” Loving your neighbor comes second.

We are in danger of losing these replenishing, corrective moments of solitary faith. Silence and seclusion are harder to find, and fewer people seek them out.  […]

People awash in ­social media can’t get past the paradox that the best salve for loneliness is ­properly applied alone. They look for answers in added connections, and more-­emotional ones, but God isn’t a closer contact and better friend. He transcends the social, and you must seek him beyond the medium of “share” and “like.” In solitary prayer, the secular pleasures dissipate and the successes of social media melt into nothingness. You drop your social self. […]

[Heavy social media users tend to] spend fewer minutes alone with God, and, more damaging, they acquire a sensibility less inclined to seek him out.

Read the whole article!



2 Responses to “Prayer in the Facebook Age”

  1. Garth Bulmer says:

    Thank you so much for the great resources for Advent. I do appreciate the constant stream of prayer requests and resources which you provide.

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