Links to Favorite Advent Devotional Sites for 2014

UPDATED: 9 December (you’ll need to click on the “read more” link to see the new entries.)

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advent_vespersHappy Advent!   Below is a list of some of the best sites for devotionals and prayers throughout Advent.  Almost all the sites featured below will have new entries each day of Advent.  We will  update this list from time to time as we discover new websites.  Resources marked “*(A)”  are from the  Anglican tradition.


A Special New Anglican Advent resource for 2014: 

*(A) Advent Bible Study Video series on the Second Coming from ACNA Bishop Julian Dobbs.  A really wonderful Advent teaching series.  Don’t miss this!


Sites featuring Regular Advent Devotional Reflections & Prayers:

  • Biola University’s online Advent calendar.  The best new Advent resource from 2013 is back again for 2014.  Truly EXCELLENT!  Substantive reflections on Scripture, artwork, music… Again, this site is a special gift.  Don’t miss it!
  • Godspace blog:  Christine Sine posts wonderful original Advent prayers and meditations, podcasts, and tons of wonderful Advent resources.  Christine encourages contemplation and application – ensuring we live out the Gospel in our lives, in care for those in need.
  • *(A) The Rev. Patrick Comerford is featuring a Hymns of Advent series for Advent 2014.  Very recommended for those who love to learn about history and liturgy.  His entries are usually very rich in terms of their focus on Anglican heritage.

  • *(A) The Cradle of Prayer – links to online services of Morning & Evening prayer for each day of Advent
  • *(A) The Rev. James Gibson posts daily devotionals with reflections on the lectionary and worship songs (often great hymns) at his blog Vicar’s Versicles
  • *(A)  Kendall Harmon’s Advent category at TitusOneNine  Kendall posts prayers, poems and various reflections throughout Advent.  (Not always daily).  Of special note – the regular “Sunday Worship” links feature posted every Sunday at T19.  Look for the current date, and click on the “Sunday Services, Talks and Resources” link.  Throughout Advent, there will always be excellent Lessons & Carols services linked!
  • *(A) Prydain blog Advent 2014:  Prydain is always a good source of meaty Advent reflections – often from the Church Fathers – and selections from Handel’s Messiah.
  • Expectantly Waiting is a blog I’ve never before linked, but just recently discovered.  It looks like it will be a good source of Advent quotes and reflections.
  • Pat Dague typically posts frequent Advent quotes and reflections throughout the season at her devotional blog “Incline Your Heart”  (Pat is Anglican, but the material she posts comes from a broad spectrum of Christian authors)
  • *(A) Fr. Dale Matson at Soundings Blog regularly posts Bishop Eric Menees’ reflections on the weekly Anglican collect prayers.  The Anglican Advent collects are so rich, and Bp. Menees commentaries are very worth reading each week.  (Usually posted on Friday each week).
  • Needing some stillness and quiet prayer and reflection during Advent?  The Irish Jesuits’ prayer site “Sacred Space” may be just the thing.  Guided questions for prayer and reflection along with a Scripture passage from the daily lectionary.
  • Newly Added:  After several years of losing touch, it’s been a joy to be back in touch with a great friend of this blog, Lutheran pastor Eric Swensson.  He continues to post excellent devotionals and prayers, accompanied by stunning photography, daily at his Awakenings blog.  Also, he has a great collection of Advent reflections posted at his Sound Shore Media website.
  • Added 9 December:  Oh Come Advent – a digital/ multimedia Advent calendar / blog.  I haven’t been online enough in recent days to truly get a good feel for this site which I discovered via Twitter, but I love the creativity in the layout and the variety of material that’s been posted.  I also like how you can click to each day’s Advent Scripture readings at Bible Gateway from each day’s entry.


 A few other recommended sites with some Advent-themed material:

Advent-themed prayers from Pastor Scotty Smith at Heavenward

Southern Baptist blogger Trevin Wax often posts excellent Advent-themed prayers at his blog.  Here’s his prayer category

Ann Voskamp’s blog A Holy Experience.  I greatly enjoyed Ann’s Advent devotional The Greatest Gift last year.  Her blog is likely to feature some good Advent reflections in the coming days.

John Piper posts daily devotionals and I would expect his December entries to have an Advent focus.

May this be a season of treasuring Christ, pondering His Word in our hearts, and making time to be still to wait on Him in prayer that He will enlarge our hearts and fill our lives with more of His Spirit.  A blessed Advent to all our readers and visitors.

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