Prayer points for fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone – via Christian Aid

Christian Aid (UK) is focusing its Ebola response on Sierra Leone, and they have a page of good, specific prayer points and prayers:

Prayer points for the Ebola outbreak

  • Pray that the millions being targeted with potentially life-saving advice would be receptive and that it would prevent them contracting Ebola.
  • Pray for the medical teams across the nine districts receiving disposable gloves, powdered and liquid chlorine for disinfection. Pray that they might be prevented from contracting Ebola.
  • Pray for the 900 community health volunteers conducting door-to-door awareness raising and training 9,000 more volunteers. Pray that through their work others would be prevented from contracting Ebola.
  • Pray that the widespread fear and distrust about the disease and its causes would be dispersed and that through reassurance and support many would be prevented from contracting Ebola.
  • Pray for Christian Aid partners in Sierra Leone: the Methodist Church of Sierra Leone (MCSL), Network of people living with HIV, the SEND foundation, Rehabilitation and Development Agency (RADA) and Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD). Give thanks for their witness. Pray for courage and hope for them as they reach out to communities in 10 of the country’s 14 districts, pray that through their work many would be prevented from contracting Ebola.
  • Pray for all those putting themselves at risk to treat patients. Pray for those who are the patients, for their recovery and cure or for a dignified and peaceful passing for those who do succumb to this disease.
  • Pray that the international community would make resources rapidly available to respond to the challenge of Ebola.


A prayer for the survivors

John 1. 1-14

Living word, who became flesh
through whom all have life,
thank you for your light
in the darkness of the Ebola Crisis.

Thank you for those who have overcome,
for those who have survived.
We pray for them as they return
to live among their families and communities.

We pray for the enlightenment needed
so that stigma around Ebola will not spread,
so that livelihoods and homes would not be destroyed,
so that those who survive can be a light of comfort and hope
among those who are afraid.

Thank you for your incarnation, living word,
full of the grace and truth that blesses all flesh.


A prayer for the health workers

Matthew 25: 34-46
‘I was sick and you took care of me.’

We pray for those who are taking care of you
in the body of humanity that has Ebola.

We thank you for those who have sacrificed
their own comfort and security to tend to the needs of others.

We are mindful of those medical workers who have lost their lives,
and pray that their loved ones will find comfort in your words:

‘Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom…
…for I was sick and you took care of me.’



There are still more prayers at the full page.



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