Jesus: A Light to the Gentiles


I have a particular soft spot in my heart for yesterday’devotional (Dec 9) about Simeon’s song (Luke 2:25-32) from Biola’s Advent Project site, given its focus on Jesus as a light to the Gentiles to all nations and peoples, including those still waiting to hear of His birth, where there is not yet a church.  I have friends who are serving and proclaiming Christ among some of the Gentile peoples specifically named in the devotional…:

…[Simeon] is seeing the foreigners, the gentiles. Perhaps they are actually standing in the courtyard or perhaps they are just present in his prophetic mind’s eye, but they stand there with their strange attire, their unpronounceable names, and their unfamiliar religious customs. Simeon sees that they too have “hungry souls” and the Spirit brings to his mind scriptures like Psalm 67 (“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face to shine upon us, that your way may be known upon earth, your saving power among all nations”). The Spirit then directs his tongue to speak of Jesus being a “Light of revelation to the Gentiles.”

When we see Jesus, do we also see the nations? Do we see the Turks, the Uzbeks, the Fulani, the Arabs, the Pashtun, the Javanese? Jesus may be a “holy stranger” to them, as the song says, but He is the one whom they have been waiting for.

The full entry is here.  Be sure to listen to Chris Rice’s song “Welcome to Our World” included as part of the devotional, especially if you don’t know it.  It makes a really good Advent song given its theme of preparing a welcome for Christ, recognizing the hunger in our hearts for Him.

Art credit: Simeon with the Infant Jesus, Petr Brandl, 1725 (from the Biola Advent Project site)


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