An Advent prayer by Christine Sine

I have been remiss in not linking enough this Advent to many wonderful resources, reflections and prayers posted by Christine Sine at Godspace.  Here is one of her illustrated Advent prayers posted at her facebook page recently.

Christine Sine Advent prayer

The final three lines of the prayer resonate deeply with my heart…

Let us come and remember what has been fulfilled.

Let us prepare for what must yet be done.

Let us come to the One who waits to show us love.

So as we come to Christ today, may our time with Him have that threefold focus:

1) REMEMBERING all the promises that have been fulfilled in Him (which gives us confidence and hope in Him regarding the promises which are still far off, unseen…)

2) PREPARING for the work He has given us to do while we wait for His appearing – asking Him for wisdom and direction, receiving His grace and strength…

3) REJOICING in His love, His open arms.  Enjoying our fellowship with Him and delighting in His presence.


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