A reminder: Advent Bible Study Series by ACNA Bishop Julian Dobbs

December 12, 2014

Find the whole series at Bishop Dobbs’ Vimeo page:

Series Introduction

Advent 1

Advent 2

Advent 3

An Advent Poem – The Curse Undone, by Teresa Roberts Johnson

December 12, 2014

I posted the first poem in this two poem series yesterday.  This is from Teresa Roberts Johnson’s poetry blog, Angliverse.

The Curse Undone

Hiding their faces from the evening sun,
They stood ashamed among the shuddering trees
And heard the bidding voice of God, the One
Whose judgment brought the sinners to their knees.

“You will give life, but mingled with deep woe,”
He said to Eve, who sold her children into war
With him who on his belly now must go,
His fangs poised for destruction near and far.

To Adam, careless watchman, God then said,
“And you will earn your food by toil and sweat,
The dirt shall thwart your quest for daily bread,
While children doomed for death you shall beget.”

But of the woman’s pain a Seed would come
Just at the moment of earth’s darkest night.
This promised Seed to sin could not succumb,
The Second Adam, who all wrongs would right.

For He would freely give Himself for food,
The Bread of Life to take the curse away.
His agony the grieving world renewed
As death gave way to life at break of day.

Copyright © 2014 by Teresa Roberts Johnson (All rights reserved)

Please click here for the poet’s notes and commentary on the poem.

Advent quotes: Each of us is an innkeeper…

December 12, 2014

I hope in the second half of Advent to post more Advent quotes, including those from Church Fathers and renowned Christians throughout the ages, but today I was struck by this very simple quote found at the blog Expectantly Listening.


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