Ebola–bloodline prayer

The genealogy is from Genesis 5 and 1 Chronicles 1:1-4. This article from Koinonia House helped me to recognize God’s plan of redemption hidden in the names.

Adam– Man
Seth– Appointed
Enosh– Mortal
Kenan– Sorrow
Mahalalel– The Blessed God
Jared– Shall come down
Enoch– Teaching
Methuselah– His death shall bring
Lamech– The despairing
Noah– Rest, or comfort

Yes, Father, the men, women, and children of western Africa are mortal, frail, and miserable. Their bloodlines, like all of mankind, are filled with sorrow.
But Your Son Christ Jesus redeemed their bloodlines by the shedding of His Blood. Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting!
We thank You for the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. We lift to You the sorrowful bloodlines of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea and cry out for the wonder-working power in the precious Blood of the Lamb. We cry out for healing!  Amen.
1 Chronicles 16:36, Revelation 13:8


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