US Supreme Court on same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court of the United States has announced it will hear arguments on same-sex marriage at the federal level from April 20-29 of this year. The Court will subsequently rule on the constitutionality of states’ rights to ban gay marriage and/or recognize gay marriages performed in another state. In theory, this case has the potential to legalize same-sex marriages in all 50 states, effectively redefining the definition of marriage on a national basis should the Court rule that the banning of same-sex marriage based upon state laws is unconstitutional.

Many think that the definition of marriage should be determined by the states themselves versus the US Supreme Court. However, with powerful backing and resourcing, pro-gay marriage entities have been successfully winning court cases in many arenas on the state level. In fact, 36 states have now legalized same-sex marriage, most of those being decided in court cases won by pro-gay marriage plaintiffs in 2013 and 2014.

Dear Father,
We thank You for the high privilege of living at this time and in this land. It is our hearts’ desire for the righteousness of God to rule in the United States. Grant to the Justices of the Supreme Court wisdom, conviction where needed, that their verdict would align with the righteous and perfect will of God. Amen.

Reference: RPN e-mail


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