Links to Lent categories here at L&B

I (Karen) have been traveling much of the past 6 weeks, which explains my recent blog and Twitter silence. Thankfully Jill and Torre have been posting regularly.

It’s hard to believe there is only one week until Lent. I’m not yet sure whether I’ll commit to any Lenten devotional blogging. I always enjoy it, but I think this year I may need to focus on other priorities.

In the meantime, here are links to various of our Lent categories which you may enjoy browsing.

Ash Wednesday links & resources

All Lent entries

Lent 2014

Lent Music & Hymns

Lent Devotionals

Lent: Children & Families

Lent Prayers

Lent Quotes

Lent Poems

Lent Resources

Tomorrow I’ll try to post links to specific blog entries, especially those featuring compilations of Lent Resources, Devotionals, Poems, etc., both from here at L&B as well as other sites around the internet.

UPDATE:  Here are two important entries with lots of Lent links:

More Lent Links – contains links to indexes of our past years’ Lent entries and major compilations, such as our compilations of Lent poems and  Good Friday poems

Links for Lent 2015 – our brand new, LONG list of links to good sites for Lent reading around the web.  Blogs, poems, music, devotionals, Bible reading plans…. there’s a lot here!


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  1. […] I posted a guide with links to various of our Lent blog categories here at Lent & Beyond.  Those links allow you to browse through various entries we’ve […]

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