Anglican Mainstream’s Lent Meditations for 2015

Yesterday I did not know for sure whether Anglican Mainstream would be posting daily Lent reflections this year.

The answer is YES they are…

Here’s the link

Here’s an excerpt from today’s entry for Feb. 19:

Lent is an opportunity to consider the truth of the Gospel as rooted in the Cross of Christ, (which is not necessarily a popular message). The idea that we are called to give up ourselves, our own will and power, is a message that goes against the Gospel of the culture. Lent is a season to learn through the spiritual disciplines that to die to self and the world, and to live our life in the fullness of God is a witness to a broken and needy world.

PRAYER OF THE DAY: Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, You have suffered death on the Cross for our sins. Oh, Holy Cross of Jesus, be my true light! Oh, Holy Cross, fill my soul with good thoughts.
Oh, Holy Cross, ward off from me all things that are evil. Oh, Holy Cross, ward off from me all dangers and deaths and give me life everlasting! Oh, Crucified Jesus of Nazareth, have mercy on me now and forever.

ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE:  “Since we are bound to abhor any deception which hides the truth from our sight, we must of necessity repudiate any direct relationship with the things of this world–and that for the sake of Christ. Wherever a group, be it large or small, prevents us from standing alone before Christ, wherever such a group raises a claim of immediacy it must be hated for the sake of Christ. For every immediacy, whether we realize it or not, means hatred of Christ, and this is especially true where such relationships claim the sanctions of Christian principles.”– Dietrich Bonhoeffer, from “The Cost of Discipleship.

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