Lent – A removal of the buzzing bright lights…

A nice description of one of the ways Lent can benefit our spiritual lives, from yesterday’s Lent devotional at the Biola Lent project site:

Lent strips away the excess and turns down the volume on our over-mediation [i.e. media obsession / over-stimulation]. It’s a period of time that beckons us to simpler, almost minimalist existence—a removal of the buzzing bright lights that draw our eyes in a hundred different directions, allowing us to see more clearly the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. As we deny ourselves, as we quiet our hearts and focus our busy minds, we identify with Christ in the desert, Christ in Gethsemane, Christ on the cross. This is all a preparation to exalt in the blinding bright hope of Christ the Resurrected. In a manner similar to what the Sabbath does for us on a weekly basis, Lent is a set-aside period of time to withdraw from an unrelenting pace and pause to reflect, rejoice, lament, anticipate. If we want to see more clearly, we must embrace seasons of focus like this.

The devotional closed with this prayer:


Lord, bring us to our knees.  Quiet our hearts.Away from the onslaught of screens and  tweets and texts, focus our eyes on you.  Abide in our perceptions, as we taste and see and hear that you are good.  Remove us from ourselves.  Help us to dismiss our notions of grandeur and relinquish our litany of self-appointed rights: that we deserve jobs, comfort and cappuccinos; that our social updates deserve to be paid attention to; that the world revolves around us; that we can do with our bodies what we fancy; that the chief end of life is our own individual happiness.  Remove us from ourselves Lord, and draw us closer to You.  In the darkness, in the desert, in the endless debates, let us look to resurrection.  Let us see the rising sun. Amen.

Brett McCracken, Managing Editor, Biola Magazine

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