Church of England

March 9, 2015

Among the mighty men who came to David with a whole heart to make David king over all Israel was a Levite named Zadok, with 22 commanders from his own father’s house. (1 Chronicles 12:28)
Decades later, during Absalom’s rebellion, the priests Abiathar and Zadok carry the ark of the covenant as King David and his court leave Jerusalem. David instructs Zadok to return to Jerusalem and send him word. (2 Samuel 15)
Still later, when David’s age was advanced, another of his sons, Adonijah, attempted to claim the throne. Abiathar supported him, but not Zadok. David instructed Zadok and Nathan to anoint Solomon as king (1 Kings 1), and Solomon made Zadok high priest. (1 Kings 2:35)
Hundreds of years later, in Ezekiel’s vision of the new temple, the priests who have charge of the altar are the sons of Zadok, who alone among the sons of Levi may come near to the Lord to minister to him. (Ezekiel 40)

O Lord,
Let there be priests in the Church of England with loyalty to King Jesus, the son of David and Son of God, like Zadok’s loyalty to King David. May Your face shine upon them and their descendants. Amen.

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