Such wonderful words of HOPE for a Holy Saturday when we are grieving recent tragedies

Emily Gibson’s post for Holy Saturday at Barnstorming today deserves wide reading.  Her perspective is so good and needed in a world filled with terrorists and tragedies.  Here’s an excerpt:

So many killings in the last two weeks — needless, heartbreaking death at the hands of others — people abruptly wrenched from their routine lives, their families left with empty arms and filling eyes spilling endlessly with tears.

Such senseless tragedies, we say, recoiling and withdrawing as if we can close our ears to more bad news.  How to make sense of deaths that arise from the darkness found in every soul?

This is the day in between when nothing makes sense;  we are lost, hopeless, grieving.

Yet we are brought to our senses by this one Death, this premeditated killing, this senseless act that darkened the skies, shook the earth and tore down the curtained barriers to the Living Eternal God.
The worst has already happened, no matter how horrific are the events that fill the headlines.

Today we are in between, stumbling in the darkness but aware of hints of light, of buds, of life, of promised fruit to come.

The best has already happened.  Happening now even when we are oblivious.

We move through this day, doing what is possible even when it feels senseless.  Tomorrow it will all make sense: our hope brings us face to face with our God who only does the impossible.

Go read the full entry!

2 Responses to Such wonderful words of HOPE for a Holy Saturday when we are grieving recent tragedies

  1. briarcroft says:

    thank you once again for sending such wonderful folk my direction this Lenten season — so many new visitors from your Anglican community, I am deeply blessed! Emily

    • I’m glad our readers have been clicking through to your site. Your reflections are a great blessing and so filled with beauty and wisdom re: suffering. (I think it helps that you’re a doctor… that perspective about pain and frail mortality shows through your writing.)

      A blessed Easter to you and your family!

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