MUST SEE / LISTEN!! – Music for Easter – The Lord is Risen Indeed! (Easter Anthem) William Billings

April 8, 2015

WOW!!!!!   Thanks to Bruce Benedict of Cardiphonia who tweeted about this.  What a stunning Easter anthem and video.  I don’t believe I’ve ever before heard this anthem by William Billings, but even before the video finished playing, I was looking online for a version to purchase.  Here is a link to iTunes where this version of Billings’ Easter Anthem may be purchased.

This is just a fantastic mix of music and art (Russian Orthodox iconography).

Here’s what the creator of the YouTube video writes:

I received many nice responses from my fusion project involving an 18th century American hymn and Orthodox icons, so, here is a second effort. William Billings was the last prominent composer to work prior to the destruction of American sacred music during the Second Great Awakening. The harmonics, text, and a capella setting are all familiar to an Orthodox Christian. There are those doing their best to preserve this heritage. I give them my regards, wish them well, and extend to them my hope that they succeed in passing on the torch to a new generation.

This piece is sung by His Majesty’s Clerkes under the direction of Paul Hillier.


Here is the text of the anthem via the ChoralWiki site:

Text arranged from Edward Young’s “The Complaint”, or “Night Thoughts”, “Night Four”, 1741-44

English.png English text

The Lord is ris’n indeed,
Now is Christ risen from the dead,
and become the first fruits of them that slept.
And did He rise?
Hear, O ye nations, hear it, O ye dead.
He rose, He burst the bars of death,
He burst the bars of death and triumph’d o’er the grave.
Then I rose,
then first humanity triumphant passed the crystal ports of light,
and seiz’d eternal youth.
Man, all immortal hail, hail,
Heaven, all lavish of strange gifts to man,
Thine’s all the glory, man’s the boundless bliss.


There’s more about William Billlings and the Easter anthem here at


Music for Easter – Victorious, a fantastic new song by Third Day

April 8, 2015

This is probably my favorite new song of 2015: Victorious, by Third Day, from their new album “Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship” (I really recommend the whole album!)

The focus is Christ’s resurrection, but I confess I gave it some air play during Lent…!  I just couldn’t resist, its message is so full of hope, and I needed to hear it in the wake of the Egyptian martyrs in Libya, the killings in Kenya, etc.  Soak in the truth of this song today. Christ’s resurrection is the seal on His victory over all powers of darkness!


  “And having disarmed the powers and authorities,

he made a public spectacle of them,

triumphing over them by the cross.” Col 2:15 (NIV)


[Verse 1]
In all the heavens, there is One
Who conquered death alone and brought our freedom
Your throne will last throughout all time
Let all the nations bow and bring You praise

Victorious, You reign victorious
Over sin, over death, over all, over us

[Verse 2]
And with the angels, we will sing
A blessed multitude of Your creation
Rejoicing with our holy King
The only One that brings us our salvation


Victorious, You reign victorious
In Your mighty name we trust
Let all proclaim You reign victorious
You reign victorious

All nations rise and they will fall
The kingdom of our God will last forever
All nations rise and they will fall
The kingdom of our God will last forever

Victorious, we lift You up, victorious
Victorious, we lift You up, victorious


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