HELP WANTED: Searching for a hymn…. Welcome Happy Morning

Hi all,

I’m working on a post for L&B which will feature a playlist of about 30 traditional Easter hymns, something I’ve wanted to do for several years, but just hadn’t found the time to work on.  This year I’ve had a bit more time to pull this together.

There’s one Easter hymn I grew up singing, and which I’d love to add to my playlist, but which is proving VERY hard to find.

The hymn in question is Welcome Happy Morning (I’m specifically wanting a version to the tune Fortunatus).

I’ve searched iTunes, Amazon, and YouTube, etc. and can’t find a very good recording or audio of this.

There’s a YouTube video of an Easter Service at St. Barts in NYC from 2011. And also several YouTubes from St. John’s Detroit. Those are enjoyable to watch and I’m glad to find them, but the audio quality is not very good… one can hardly understand the words, and there’s lots of background noise.

I’d really like to find a professional  recording of this hymn for purchase (preferably as an mp3 download, but I’m open to buying a CD if there are other good hymns included!).   I’d love any leads or suggestions our readers might be able to offer.  iTunes and Amazon in the U.S. only have instrumental recordings, no choral version.

Thanks in advance for any help!  Leave info in the comments.  I would have a way to buy recordings in the UK through some of my work colleagues…

2 Responses to HELP WANTED: Searching for a hymn…. Welcome Happy Morning

  1. Tamara @ This Sacramental Life says:

    We sing this delightful hymn at our church, but I don’t have any idea for a good recording for you. I’ll be on the lookout, though!

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