Ramadan Resources – help in praying for and reaching out to Muslims

This post will remain at the top of the blog during Ramadan.  Look for new entries below.

30-days-2015Ramadan has started today for most Muslims around the world.  It is a month when even many non-devout Muslims devote themselves to greater prayer and study in hopes of earning God’s favor and drawing closer to him.

I invite all our readers to also pray earnestly in this month – to pray for spiritual awakening among Muslims.  That the eyes of their hearts would be opened to the truth of Jesus Christ and that their hearts would be softened to repent and choose to follow Him.  May the scales fall from their eyes, and may the lies of Islam that bind them be broken. 

Pray too for Christians reaching out to Muslims during this month, for obedience, discernment, fruitfulness, and protection, as for Christians living in Muslim lands it can be an intense and very draining month.

Below are MANY great resources to help you pray for Muslims during this month.  I’ll update this from time to time as I find additional materials.

We’ll hope to post quite a lot of prayers for Muslims throughout Ramadan.  You’ll find all those entries with the Ramadan 2015 tag


30 Days of Prayer – Daily Ramadan Prayer Guide – there are links for many languages and countries.

Here is the link for the US SITE – there is an online link for each of the 30 days for the daily prayer points. 

Here is the Children’s Version

You can also download the full PDF booklets for adults or children


The Gospel Coalition:  Sharing the Gospel During Ramadan


Christar:  30 Ways to Make a Difference During Ramadan 2015  (daily tips to reach out to Muslims, and suggested prayer points)


PrayerCast has launched a Ramadan Prayer Challenge – lots of great resources


IMB workers in Central Asia are fasting today on the first day of Ramadan, praying for their Muslim neighbors.  They have some great resources.  See Ramadan an Opportunity.  Here are some prayer points for today, which I’ve adapted slightly.


Meditate on Ephesians 1 and let the words of Scripture lead you in prayer as you fast. For example, you could pray as follows:

“God, we praise you for your glorious grace and pray that you will adopt many Muslim men and women into your family (verse 5).”

“Forgiveness of sins only comes by redemption through your shed blood, Jesus. Please open many eyes to the mystery of your gospel, that they would believe and receive salvation (verses 7-8).”

“Cause the words of truth – your gospel – to come to every corner of [the Muslim World], that many would receive the inheritance of eternal life (verse 13).”  

Further requests:

  • Pray that God will open the hearts of many [Muslims] to understand that only Christ’s righteousness can satisfy a holy God.

  • Pray that many [Muslims] will recognize the fruitlessness of the Ramadan fast and cry out to God for salvation through Jesus Christ.

  • Pray that workers [in the Muslim world] will be bold and faithful to proclaim to their Muslim neighbors and friends the message of salvation by faith in Christ.

  • Pray that God will reveal Himself to many men and women in [the Muslim world’s] most remote and spiritually dark regions.

  • Pray that God will give courage and faithfulness to Western believers who desire to show love to [Muslims] in their communities.


30 Days of Prayer for ISISWe posted about this back in April.  Ramadan would be a great time to intercede for ISIS members to turn to Christ!  There is also the “Adopt a Terrorist” for prayer site.

NEW!  I’ve just discovered another EXCELLENT brand new resource for praying for ISIS during Ramadan:  PrayforIsis.com Here’s Day 1’s entry:  Love Your Enemies.


An EXCELLENT resource I included in last year’s Ramadan Prayer Resource roundup:  Garrett Kell’s How Christians Can Pray for Muslim Friends During Ramadan


NEW!  I just discovered Arab World Media will be posting daily Scriptures to use in praying for Muslims throughout Ramadan.  GREAT resource!



Some Great Twitter feeds to follow during Ramadan:

Christar (@leastreached) – posts great resources and daily prayers


– OM is posting lots of good Ramadan prayer tweets. See also #OMPrayer


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