Christian Stephens – Their self-titled debut LP from 1980

This is a bit of an unusual posting for us, but it’s in response to several reader comments and emails.

christian-stephens-frontEach week we continue to get visits via search engines from those looking for the music of one of the early CCM groups, Christian Stephens.  In 2014 during Holy week, we posted several of the best songs from their eponymous debut album Christian Stephens from 1980, which I’d digitized from my vinyl LP.

Classic CCM songs for Holy Week from Christian Stephens: Look What You’ve Done, and Broken and Bleeding

Classic CCM for Good Friday: Christian Stephens – Song of the Cross

Classic CCM for Holy Saturday into Easter: Christian Stephens’ The Descent, and Arise

Those posts have brought readers here looking for more songs from the album, or more information about how to obtain the album.  The album is no longer in print and not available online anywhere as best as I can discover.

Since several readers have expressed interest in other songs from the album, I’m uploading all my songs from my LP.  Apologies that the quality is not always as good as I would wish.  There are several scratches / skips.

I pray this will be a blessing to those who have been wanting to hear this album again.  Hard for me to believe it’s 35 years old already!


Note: the songs posted are digitized versions of my original vinyl album.  There are some scratches, etc.  I believe the album is out of print, but if anyone knows of a CD or digital version available for purchase, I would love to know so I can link it here and ensure royalties go to the artist. 


7 Responses to Christian Stephens – Their self-titled debut LP from 1980

  1. Susan Aicher says:

    I just found your website. I went to college with Bob and Mike and they were dear friends. We lost touch after a few years. I saw Bob about 10 years ago at a reunion. I only found out about his death a few months ago when one of our friends wrote to tell me another friend had died. I haven’t seen Mike since Bob and Joni’s wedding.

    I was there when they were writing these songs and it was amazing. I don’t know if you ever met Bob, but he was brilliant and talented and funny and in my mind, he’s 22 wearing a floppy hat and a down vest. And Mike had this great curly hair and soulful eyes and honestly, I was in love with him but that’s another story. I have the cover for their album but no idea where the record is.

    Anyway, I’m so glad I found this. It brings back good memories and a little sadness.

    Susan Aicher

    • George Housman says:

      God bless you for sharing your message. I left a message at this site as well. I am just now finding out about Bob’s death.
      Can you please tell me when he passed?

      • Susan says:

        Bob died on March 2nd 2015, I believe from prostate cancer. I heard about his death I. October when a mutual friend from Muhlenberg College told me about another friend’s death. He assumed I already knew about Bob,

        I’m struggling with this. Another dear friend died of colon cancer a few months ago. I begged and pleaded with God to save him because he was a doctor who saved many people and he was also a wonderful friend. God took him from his parents and friends and colleagues and patients who dearly loved him.
        Sorry to go on like that, I’m still working through my grief

  2. George Housman says:

    I just discovered this site while searching for songs by Christian Stephens. I’ve also just now heard of Bob’s death. I’m saddened to hear of this beautiful brothers passing however, I rejoice in knowing he is now in Glory with the King of Kings. I’ve spent hours fellow shipping with these two brothers as they have ministered at my church in New Jersey several times. Once Bob even used one of my guitars when his was either stolen or damaged (I don’t remember which) This would have been right around the time of their first album release. (1980?) I actually found thissite while searching youtube for their song Johnstown 1889. If anyone has a digitized version of this song I would love to hear it again.

  3. Michael Gentry says:

    Thank you so much for posting this, Christian Stephens music is a real blessing. I was first given this album on cassette by a friend in the early 80’s. I have longed for a copy for years.
    I’m saddened to find here that Bob has left us but rejoice that he is with the Lord,

  4. Cathy Korenyik says:

    Like George Housman, I also found your site when I searched for an update on “Christian Stephens.” At age 23, I attended their performance at Calvary Church in Charlotte, NC, May 7, 1982, and purchased their 1980 LP “Christian Stephens” (Creation CR1001) and, later, 1983’s “Christians Stephens II” (Ascension Records ASR8301). Within my copy of their debut album I found the original flyer received at the concert, entitled, “Come Alive! proudly announces the first Creation Records Release! The Eagerly Awaited Debut Album of Christian Stephens.” It contains an Album/Tape Order Blank which can be mailed to Creation Records, PO Box 86, Medford NJ 08055 with a donation (no set cost!). I am so glad I have these outstanding albums and the memory of hearing them in concert. I remember hearing their song about the Johnstown Flood. Their songs have always sounded fresh to me despite the passage of time, and God alone knows how many have been inspired by the ministry of these two servants. Thanks so much for your post!!

  5. says:

    thanks so much for posting this – I have searched and searched for this. I’m English, but I briefly lived in Columbus OHIO mid 80’s, and somehow had this on tape. I loved it – I’ve loved reading all the posts and replies. so sad that Bob died.
    I just loved the part in ‘facelift’ where the music stops and you hear the words ‘in the white robes’ I’ve sung it in my head for 30 years.

    I’m 20 again for a while.

    thanks so much.
    Andy over the pond in the UK…

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