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November 29, 2015


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Advent has started!!! We wish all our readers a Blessed Advent!

I (Karen) hope to do some Advent blogging this year, though it won’t be daily. Even if I don’t do much blogging, I may be posting some Advent tweets, so keep an eye on our Lent & Beyond Twitter Accout (@AnglicanPrayer)

Here are some links to help you find your way around the wealth of Advent resources at Lent & Beyond:

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Our Advent Subcategories include: Advent Devotionals, Advent Prayers, Advent PoemsAdvent Music, Advent Quotes, Advent Resources, Advent: Family & Children

Here’s the “Best of Advent at Lent & Beyond” entry – compiled last year, with links to many of our Advent favorites from our 10 years of blogging. Here’s our Advent Favorites category.

Here’s the  BRAND NEW UPDATED list of links to excellent sites for Advent devotionals & prayers for Advent 2015.

Here’s the link for all our posts containing Advent worship music.

Here’s the link for all of last year’s entries:  Index of all our Advent entries for 2014

May the Lord prepare all of our hearts for celebrating the miracle of His birth and may He draw us near to Him in worship this Advent.

Anglican Heritage / Advent traditions: Christingle Services

December 9, 2014

Although a cradle-Episcopalian, there’s much I’ve still to learn about Anglican heritage and traditions – especially those traditions more common in the Church of England, or other provinces.

The Rev. Patrick Comerford, Canon of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin has some interesting resources and information about Chrstingle Services.

A Christingle is an orange surmounted by a lighted candle and decorated with fruit and a red ribbon. This is a Moravian tradition that was introduced to Anglicans in recent years. It was developed by the (Church of England) Children’s Society, and has become increasingly popular in the Church of Ireland.


His post today features a Christingle hymn: ‘Round orange, round orange, you serve as a sign’

The verses of this hymn follow the process of creating a Christingle, using an orange and the other symbolic decorations. As the Christingle is created, verses 1 to 4 may be sung one at a time, preceding or following each stage of the activity. Then the whole hymn (verses1 to 5) can be sung at the end.

The hymn is rich with symbolism that coincides with the symbols used in the hymn. The orange represents the world. The red ribbon indicates the love and blood of Christ. The dried fruits and sweets are symbols of God’s creations. The lit candle symbolises Christ, the light of the world.

Round orange, round orange, you serve as a sign

by Elizabeth Consett

Round orange, round orange, you serve as a sign
That God made the round world with purpose divine.

The power of love is always the same:
Be glad, give thanks, rejoice in God’s name.

Red ribbon, you tell of the bloodshed and pain.
Which led to forgiveness when Jesus was slain.
The full entry is here.

You can learn MUCH more about Christingle traditions and services from the website of the Children’s Society of the Church of England, which has a dedicated Christingle page.

A good Advent hymn for a family sing-a-long: Long Ago Prophets Knew

December 4, 2014

I tweeted about this hymn the other day, but did not find time to post it here at the blog. Via Patrick Comerford’s Advent 2014 Hymns for Advent series, I discovered this new-to-me Advent hymn “Long Ago Prophets Knew”

The hymn may be new to me, but the tune is one I know well – it’s the tune to the Christmas carol “On this day earth shall ring.”  So many Advent hymns are in minor keys or hard to sing.  The combination of an easy tune to sing and the rhyming lyrics, as well as the message of the words makes this hymn a very good one for Advent family devotions.

Long ago, prophets knew
Christ would come, born a Jew,
come to make all things new;
bear his people’s burden,
freely love and pardon.

Ring, bells, ring, ring, ring!
Sing, choirs, sing, sing, sing!
When he comes,
when he comes,
who will make him welcome?

God in time, God in man,
this is God’s timeless plan:
He will come, as a man,
born himself of woman,
God divinely human: Refrain

Mary, hail! Though afraid,
she believed, she obeyed.
In her womb, God is laid:
till the time expected,
nurtured and protected, Refrain

Journey ends! Where afar
Beth’lem shines, like a star,
stable door stands ajar.
unborn Son of Mary,
Saviour, do not tarry!

Ring, bells, ring, ring, ring!
Sing, choirs, sing, sing, sing!
Jesus comes!
Jesus comes!
We will make him welcome!

Here’s a recording of this hymn via YouTube:

Great Blog focused on Celebrating the Church Year

December 2, 2014

Thanks to Anne Kennedy, I just discovered this excellent blog The Celebration Project.  Here’s how the authors, Deb and Amy describe the blog:

Holidays—originally “Holy-days,” or days set apart for a purpose – were originally meant as a way to celebrate who God is and what He has done.  We have loved getting back to the roots of these holidays, digging out the elements that help us to celebrate God.

On this site you can expect to find suggestions for how to tangibly celebrate the various holidays and seasons with your family, recommendations for different resources to use, observations we’ve had in our own lives, and some of the thoughts we have as we walk this journey.

We have experienced more abundant life through these traditions.  We as Christians have more reasons to celebrate than others, so let’s do it!

Here’s their Advent Category.  So far they’ve posted one Advent entry and  two entries on St. Nicholas Day (which are categorized separately)

Advent: A Season Set Apart for Hope

St Nicholas Day – Part 1

St Nicholas Day – Part 2


Idea for Jesse Tree ornaments (Wood burning)

December 2, 2014

Anyone in your family into wood burning?  Here’s a really nice set of Jesse Tree ornaments that could be a good craft activity for an older child…

Jesse Tree resources are always EXTREMELY popular at Lent & Beyond.  Our “All About Jesee Trees” post has nearly 40,000 page views!

You can find all our Jesse Tree resources using the Jesse Tree tag


Resources for Advent – Jesse Tree audio devotions (Redeemer Radio)

December 2, 2014

Redeemer Radio is a Catholic Radio station serving Northern Indiana and Ohio.

They have an AUDIO Jesse Tree devotional (with accompanying ornaments you can print)

Learn more about a member of Jesus’ family tree and about salvation history!

Each day there is an ornament that you hang on your own Jesse tree, seen the links for each day below, or you can download the Ornaments all on one page!

Here is a listing of all their Advent resources.

More Good Advent 2014 Resources for Children and Families

December 2, 2014

From the Diocese of Bath & Wells in the UK– A number of good resources for Advent.  I particularly like the “A is for Advent” poem and the Advent Alphabet ideas

They also have a very good Jesse Tree page – each day of Advent there is a new symbol and accompanying short devotional (including a Scripture verse and prayer) that is posted.

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