Newly Discovered Advent Resources for Children (great for Sunday School)

November 15, 2012

Given my infrequent blogging these days, I don’t check our site stats too often, but tonight I happened to look at incoming links to Lent & Beyond, and I’m glad I did.  I just discovered two wonderful compilations of Advent Resources for Children – either for use at home, or especially, in Sunday School Classes.

For very young children, there is this compilation of craft & activity ideas:

For middle primary aged children, there is this compilation:

[Update:  I was concerned to see that this second compilation included instructions for creating Tibetan prayer mandalas, originating from a Catholic website in Australia.  I would steer clear of that personally, but all of the other linked resources look to be quite solid, and I don’t want to avoid this very valuable compilation because of the one worrisome link.  I try to be careful in what I link, but please use prayerful discernment in evaluating and using resources which we link from other blogs or websites, and please know that a link to a given site does not mean that we at Lent & Beyond endorse everything posted at that site.]

For tonight, I’ll leave it at that.  But as I explore more, I may post more about individual craft or activity ideas listed at the “Ways to Teach” site.

As always, I’d be thrilled to get reader comments and recommendations about Advent crafts, activity ideas, family traditions, etc.  Also, please share your advent blogging requests and suggestions on the thread I posted earlier this week.  Thanks!


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