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(posted by KB)

After too many months of letting the blog languish, I’m finally getting some time to organize the site. Read on to find out about some new features and upcoming plans!

As our regular readers will know, this blog started out as a “barebones” backup site for the original Lent & Beyond site (providing an alternate site in times when our server crashed due to heavy traffic). Following a severe hacker incursion in November 2007, we moved to this site permanently in January 2008. Due to other commitments however, this site remained almost totally “barebones” for 6 months, with virtually no work devoted to organizing the sidebar (categories, links, etc.)

As of July 1, 2008 I’ve begun working to flesh out the blog once again and recreate many of the categories and links from our old site. It is likely to be a process of a few weeks. I’ll try to do a little bit several days per week, with the goal of eventually trying to replicate most of the link and category structure of the old blog which we believe many of our readers found useful.

Most posts from January – June 2008 are and will remain uncategorized. In a few cases I’ve gone back and categorized important entries so they will be easy to find for future reference. Most recategorizing I’ve done is for the Lambeth Conference, GAFCON, upcoming prayer needs (the prayer calendar category), etc.

There are a few new brand new categories I’ve created for this version of our blog which are worth highlighting:

Anglican Heritage:

This will be a category where we post traditional Anglican Prayers (such as the Prayer of Humble Access, The General Confession, The General Thanksgiving, The Te Deum, various Canticles, etc.), as well as quotes, sermon excerpts, etc. from classical Anglican sources. These posts will generally all be without commentary, just the prayer or heritage excerpt. There are no posts yet in this category, but I hope to start posting at least one such entry per week and gradually building this up into a significant resource.

Prayer calendar

Unlike many Anglican prayer sites, we have not (at least yet) set up any kind of formalized “prayer cycle.” However, within the limitations of our time and availability, we do try to track and identify special prayer needs and keep a calendar to aid us in our blogging and prayer. We will periodically post prayer calendar updates to remind intercessors of important events needing prayer cover.

From Our Archives

We’ve got nearly 4000 posts over on the original Lent & Beyond site. I expect that in coming weeks and months we will be reposting a number of our most important or favorite posts from our old site over on this verison of the blog. If you have requests, do let us know!


We welcome comments and suggestions from our readers and browsers as to what links and categories you would find most helpful and interesting. Our e-mail: AnglicanPrayer@gmail.com

One Response to About Categories and Links

  1. Father Richard Aguilar says:

    dear friends:
    thank you for your intercessions for the Texas/Mexico border.
    we are coping with aftermath of Dolly.
    i have cpied your litany in times of natural disaster and will use at our liturgy on
    Sunday, July 27, 2008.
    you may continue to pray for all who have been affected by this storm
    and those who offer relief.
    may we know that “..nothing shall separate from the love of God..”
    en Cristo,

    richard aguilar, rector
    church of the advent & episcopal day school
    brownsville, texas

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