Ash Wednesday Links and Resources – updated

UPDATE FOR 2010:  See also our Ash Wednesday Index, and our new Ash Wednesday category of all the Ash Wednesday-related entries on the blog.


Note:  Much of this entry comes from our archives – from 2006 – but I’ve updated it.  Many of the links are to archived Lent & Beyond entries at the internet archive site.  I have tried to check all the primary links to make sure they work.  They should all be fine, though sometimes a bit balky.  Sometimes however, the secondary links on an archived page might not open because they try to point to an archive of the secondary site that might not exist.  Try to delete the webarchive portion of any secondary link and you’ll likely get to the site.

For example, on one of the archived pages below, there is a link to a longer version of St. John Chrysostom’s homily on fasting.   The archived link looks like this

But it doesn’t work.  You need instead to go to the original source, the portion of the link I’ve highlighted in bold:


I. Here are links to Ash Wednesday resources I posted in 2004:
1928 Penitential Office
St. John Chrysostom on Fasting
Peter Toon: Outward vs. Inward Fasting
An Exhortation from Bp. Ackerman re: Lent (for this entry you need to scroll down the archive page, there is no archive of this specific entry, only the page for the last week of Feb. 2004)

II. Lenten Resources and Meditations (2005):
Amy Welborn: Reflections on sacrifice during Lent
“Prayer knocks at the door, fasting obtains, mercy receives” (St. Peter Chrysologus)
The Rev. Dr. Louis Tarsitano “Repenting” Ash Wed. 2000 Sermon [link updated Feb 2006]
Augustine on fasting and cleansing the heart [link updated Feb 2006]
The Rev. Matt Kennedy “What to give up for Lent?” [cached version]

1979 ECUSA Ash Wednesday Liturgy

III.  Ash Wednesday LINKS — 2006

The Origins of Ash Wednesday
Fasting During Lent in the Anglican Tradition, an essay by the Rev. Skip Burzumato, St. Andrew’s Savannah
An extended prayer of confession – based on the Decalogue (I posted the link to this a few days ago, but it’s worth a repeat here)

From 2004, surprised I have forgotten to link this sooner: David Mills (Touchstone) “The Dust of Adam”

DON’T MISS THIS: “All About Ash Wednesday — from a great resource!


NEWLY ADDED ASH WEDNESDAY LINKS (covering posts from 2007 – 2009)

“Seek the Lord and Live,” Karen B’s Ash Wednesday Devotional from the L&B Anglican Bloggers’ Lent Series

Ash Wednesday Resources at Lectionary Central

Ash Wednesday Resources and Prayers from ChurchYear.Net

Ashes, an excellent Ash Wednesday meditation found at Pat McDonough’s faith and family blog.

Two Ash Wednesday Prayers

Prayers for Zimbabwe, as requested by the Anglican Primates

Why I Fast, A video by Frederica Mathewes-Green (the video is here)

Fr. Stephen Freeman on “the Difficulty of Lent” (original is here)

Prayer for a Holy Lent

Scriptures on the theme of Ash Wednesday (click on the link “show” next to the Ash Wednesday title)

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